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Experiencing a problem firsthand is the best way to find a modern solution, from sky high pompadours to mohawks, figuring out a method to style each has its own unique approach when dealing with it. Now given the opportunity to offer an efficient styling approach, all it takes is the right question so feel free to ask whether it’s about styling the hair or maintaining the face fuzz.



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Hi, I'm Briana. I'm a taurus, very passionate about everything I do. I specialize in tapers and long hair. My favorite things are food and talking. Food nourishes the soul and body. I can tell you my life story in about ten minutes. I am open to lending an ear, while making you look and feel better in my chair. Get a glimpse of the divine power, feeling comfortable.


Hi, my name is Alexis. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and barber. I love everything hair and makeup. I've always had a passion for making others feel and look good about themselves. Some hobbies of mine when I'm not doing hair is binge watching Netflix, playing with my dog Rex, and spending time with my family.

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